Student Council

Mef University FADA Student Council is a team that came together as a result of the selection of students from each department and class at the beginning of the year. Our goals are to develop the FADA Hangar Culture, to increase solidarity among students, to bring together FADA students with professionals, teachers, artists and newly graduated architects and interior designers and to establish the connection between student and academia. We are working to reinforce our unique studio culture with technical trips, workshops, studio events and online meetings.


In FADA Hangar, we organize academic meetings to think about our field outside the classroom and to benefit from the knowledge and experience of different names as well as our valuable academic staff. Since the team was founded in 2020 and we experienced the pandemia, academic meetings took place online in this process. Thus, "SARI ODA" (Yellow Room), a platform where all FADA students are located, was established.


Moreover, we discuss our problems and how we can find solutions with the "Açık Mikrofon" (Open Microphone) that takes place at periodic intervals. In this way, we produce solutions to the spatial problems of our architecture studio, where we spend our time almost every day.


We strive to leave a more successful FADA Student Council to the next team.

2019 - 2020 Academic Year Student Council

Sinan Reçber



Arif Şahin

4th Year - Student Representative  


Eda Kesim

3rd Year - Student Representative

Dilara Atalay

2nd Year - Student Representative 


Zeynep Çolak

1st Year - Student Representative

Mehmet Berkay Erbaşı Fotoğraf_sb.jpg

M. Berkay Erbaşı



WhatsApp Image 2020-06-10 at 17.55.48-mi

Oylum Akgül

4th Year - Student Representative