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Ozan Avcı

Assist. Prof. Dr.

After graduated from I.T.U. Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture with the 3rd degree in 2005, he had started his Master’s in Architectural Design Programme at I.T.U. During his MSc, he had been to Brandenburg Technical University (BTU-Cottbus) as an Erasmus Exchange Programme student for one year in Germany. In 2008, he was enrolled in Architectural Design Phd Programme at I.T.U. and completed his PhD in 2016. He was a visiting scholar as a Fulbrighter at University of Pennsylvania (U-Penn) School of Design for 2013-14 academic year in U.S.A. Between 2005 and 2017, he worked as a research assitant at ITU Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture, tutored architectural design studios and taught theoretical courses. He was awarded in various competitions both in student and professional categories. He has organized and participated in numerous national and international workshops. He has been a jury member in several competitions. In 2009, he designed ITU Library of Foreign Language School with Ahu Sökmenoğlu and this project was realized in 2010. In 2016, he designed a project called “Birdscape” with Birge Yıldırım Okta during Beşiktaş Garden and Flower Festival at Dünya Barış Parkı in Beşiktaş and this Project took place in Turkish Architectural Yearbook 2016. Since 2017, he has been working as an Assistant Prof. at MEF University Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture Department of Architecture. His research interests are body-space-time relations, bodily experience, representation theories and methods, the relation between representation and sensation, and the interaction between fashion design and architecture.

Selected Projects


with Birge Yıldırım Okta 

İ.T.Ü. YDYO Library Interior Design Project

with Ahu Sökmenoğlu


Namık Kemal University Lecture Halls and Laboratories Building


with Yüksel Demir, Cem Altun, Zeynep Ataş, Zelal Zülfiye Rahmanalı, Pınar Gökbayrak, Ali Eray, Burçin Yıldırım, Ekin Aytaç, Gizem Candemir, Gül Ertekin, Esra Gürbüz

Media Archive


Betonart Authors' Meeting

Betonart’ın Ozan Avcı’nın konuk editörlüğünde hazırlanan “Yemek” temalı 64. sayısının Yazar Buluşmaları çevrimiçi gerçekleşti.

MEF FADA Design and Build! Studio Projects

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