Esra Sert

Assist. Prof. Dr.

She holds a PhD. in Architecture from METU (2020) and took MA (2013) degrees at Istanbul Technical University Landscape Architecture Department, and BA (2008) at YTU Department of Architecture, in İstanbul in 2008. During her MA, she got scholarships from TUBİTAK for the research projects. She has been researching on urban ecology, urban environmental history, urban metabolism, urban theory, alternative architectural practices, and labor processes of architecture. Besides, she was a fellow of "İstanbul Studies Center" Doctoral Residency Program at KHAS (2019-2021). She is an assistant professor at MEF University, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture.

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Sert, E., Aykaç, G., and Zırh, B. C. (2021)

2-Metu Journal.jpg

TMMOB Mimarlar Odası Ankara Şubesi, no: 47, pp. 58-63

3. Pandemi Dosya.png

Mimarlık, No:410, November-December 2019, pp. 49-51

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XXI Architecture and Design Magazine