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Didem Sağlam


Didem Sağlam, graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture in 2009. She graduated from the same university with a master's degree in Architectural Design in 2013, completing her dissertation entitled "Actualisation: How to Actuate Architecture". During her graduate study, she studied at HafenCity Universität Hamburg University with the exchange program in 2012. She worked in several architectural design offices like Emre Arolat Architects and Sanalarc. She attended several architectural design competitions and some exhibitions like “Vitra Çağdaş Mimarlık Dizisi, Mutluluk Fabrikaları”. Currently, she continues to study in her Ph.D. in Architectural Design program at ITU. At the same time, she is teaching in Architectural Design studios and Visual Communication courses. She works in Mef University at Faculty of Art Design and Architecture as an Instructor since 2019.

Selected Projects


with Tutku Sevinç, Beril Sezen, Gürbey Hiz, Damla Aytulun, Bahadır Özcihan


Purchase Prize

with Tutku Sevinç

with Viktoria Scheifers, Tamara Kalantajevska, Anna Hirsch, Aleksandrs Dembo, Felix Müller, Tutku Sevinc, Derya Aguday, Katahrina Böttger

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