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Burcu Serdar Köknar

Assist. Prof. Dr.

Having completed her undergraduate studies at Istanbul Technical University Department of Architecture in 1997, Burcu Serdar Köknar received her graduate degree from ITU in 2001 with her thesis ‘An investigation of spatial interfaces into the urban life’. She started working and researching in the field of landscape design and became interested in the simultaneous and overlapping areas between architecture and landscape design at various scales. She worked at ITU Department of Landscape Design as a research assistant between 2004-2007 and attained her Ph.D. degree from the same institution with the thesis ‘A critical reading of landscape design in the areas of urban regeneration’. In 2013 she received her Permaculture Design Certificate from Permaculture Institute of Turkey. She has been a faculty member of the MEF FADA Department of Architecture since 2014 and worked as a visiting scholar at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences between 2015-2016. She is one of the founders of where she continues working as a professional design consultant. Her research areas are interdisciplinary approaches in architectural design,
participatory and collective design processes, education in architecture and design-learning by making, urban commons and design, urban agriculture and design, and integration of landscape design and architecture at various scales.

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